Bleed rings provide a convenient way of attaching valves or other instruments to piping systems, along with providing access for sampling or drainage.

Designed to fit between ANSI flanges within the bolt circle.

American Thermowell bleed (drip) rings allow for venting and purging of piping systems. They are designed to fit between flanges. Available in various flange sizes and ratings. Complete with one or two bleed ports in threaded or socket weld connections.

  • Manufactured 100% in house
  • Bleed Rings typically come in 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel.
  • SW eliminate threaded connections.
  • Allows for on site calibration, venting, & purging.
  • No break of the process flange
  • CRN approved

Material Options: 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel

Industries: Chemical & Petro Chemical

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