American Thermowell offers both RTJ orifice plates, along with RTJ plate holder assemblies which include the required universal orifice plate.

RTJ Plate holders are a great solution for applications were frequent size changes or replacements are expected. Ring type joint orifice plates contain an intergral gasket that mounts between the ring tougue joint flanges. Plate thickness is calculated based on line size and pressure, this helps prevent the plate from possible failure.

  • Custom designs available based on clients application requirements
  • Available as single machined piece or two pieces; orifice plate and holder
  • Recommended for high temperature and/or pressure applications
  • Large selection of materials available
  • NACE compliant
Material Options: Available in 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy – Monel. Also available in most alloy materials.
  • RTJ Orifice Plate 2
  • RTJ Orifice Plate 1
  • RTJ Orifice Plate 3
  • RTJ Orifice Plate 4

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