American Thermowell spool pieces / pipe spools are manufactured on site, and designed to meet our clients specific requirements.

Pipe spools are pre-built sections of the piping system. These spools are pre-fabricated in order to reduce installation time and costs, while maintaining the highest quality. Available in stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic materials (see factory for availability).

Often used when replacement valves are shorter in length, and a spacer is required to rejoin the line connection.

  • Built to optimize process line access, while maintaining overall integrity and strength.
  • Available with various connections including flange, tri-clamp and more.
  • Higher quality when compared to on site fabrication
  • Line sizes: 1/2” – 24”. Flange Rating: 150# – 2500#
  • Designed based on ASME.MFC.3M industry standards

Standard Spool Piece

Available in a variety of lengths, flange sizes and ratings, built to meet your specific requirements.

Spool Piece with Side Port

Add a side port to gain access to the line and easily attach a gauge, valve or transmitter.

Spool Piece with Liner

Combine both standard and exotic materials into one product with this cost saving design

  • Spool Piece 1
  • Spool Piece 2
  • Spool Piece 3

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