Helical thermowell will outperform the standard thermowell in high velocity services.

As a pioneer and global leader in manufacturing thermowells, we ensure the highest quality and precision in every instrumentation piece we manufacture. With helical strakes, accuracy and response time of temperature measurement is greatly improved as compared to standard thermowells with increased root-tip diameters and shortened immersion length.

  • Reduces amplitude of oscillation by more than 90% compared to standard round bar design.
  • Wake frequency calculations are no longer required for helical thermowell. Steady state stress and pressure calculations are sufficient.
  • Fewer limitations due to immersion length.
  • Standard installation allows for quick install or replacement.
  • The small root and tip diameters allow for fast response to temperature variations.
  • Perfect for nozzles with small ID and high standoff length.
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Since the 1950’s, helical designs have proven to overcome the problem of vortex induced vibrations.

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