Our custom orifice plates are designed and manufactured 100% in house

We design and manufacture a variety of custom orifice plates from bore & bevel to bore & counterbore, segmental, eccentric and quadrant (quarter round).

Our bore & bevel orifice plates are machined at 45º angle to the desired edge thickness and typically beveled to 1/50 of the line I.D. or 1/8 of the orifice bore. In the bore & counterbore orifice plates we use a special method to limit the plate edge thickness.

  • Custom bores and finishes available
  • Custom engineered orifice plates
  • Orifice plates available with a maximum line size of 48”
  • 1/16” to 5” plate thickness available
  • All American Thermowell orifice plates are inspected and stamped before being released from production.

Industries: Sewage treatment, Steel, Water conditioning, Paper, Heavy and Light chemicals, Atomic, and Petrochemicals.

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