American Thermowell multi-stage restriction orifice is the perfect solution when the required pressure or flow drop is not possible with a single plate.

Made up of multiple orifice plates, each reducing pressure with calculated reduction steps to achieve the required drop in the pressure and/or flow. A restriction orifice run can also greatly reduce noise and vibrations, as well as flashing or cavitation in the line. Our multi-stage restriction orifice assembly can replace a valve for a simple, maintenance free and economical solution.

  • Reduce the pressure drop, not achievable with a single plate.
  • Prevents flashing, cavitation and other critical flow problems.
  • Single hole multistage design along with multi-hole, multi-stage designs available.
  • Line sizes: 1/2” – 24”. Flange Rating: 150# – 2500#
  • Built to optimize the pressure drop across each stage
  • Suitable for both high flow/pressure liquids and gas
  • Designed based on ASME.MFC.3M industry standards
  • Low maintenance costs
Multi-Stage Restirction Orifice Plate Drawing

American Thermowell multi-stage restriction orifice assembly. 4 internal plates with concentric edge bores, reducing a total of 80% pipe diameter

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