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Specializing in instrumentation and process control hardware.

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At American Thermowell, quality and precision are woven into everything we do. From our in-house quality control system to our sales team, we ensure thermowells meet all codes and standards, and exceed expectations. Materials are fully traceable and CRN numbers are available when requested. An array of testing is also available on Flanged/welded thermowells and includes UT, Dye penetration and X-ray. NACE MR 0175, and MTR upon request.

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We put customer needs first, so when it comes to delivery requirements, we strive to be on time, every time. Our dedication to customer satisfaction also extends to machining techniques, including deep hole drilling and drawings.
In addition to offering standard and custom products to our clients, we also provide some of our global customers instrumentation and OEM products under private label.

Mac-Weld Thermowell Catalogue

2023 Thermowell Catalogue

Our thermowells are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. See catalogue for details.