American Thermowell gauge siphons are a cost effective way to maximize gauge life. Made from solid bar, they also provide rigid mounting that allows for easy installation.

Available in two styles; Compact and finned siphons.

Compact Gauge Siphon (Hex Style)

Our hex gauge siphon is a cost effective way to maximize gauge life, made from solid bar to produce a compact rigid mount, and easy installation.

  • Eliminates the old style pig tail.
  • Reduces gauge shock or whip.
  • Compact-closer installations.
  • Provides a thermal barrier between hot vapors and the pressure gauge or transmitter.
Compact Gauge Siphon

Finned Gauge Siphon

Designed for Steam up to 75% heat loss allows the instrument to work within its designed field.

  • Socket weld or threaded connections.
  • Socket weld will eliminate emission controls.
  • Cost savings compared to traditional “pigtail” style.
  • Compact design, reduces installation space.
Finned Gauge Siphon

Material Options: 316/L and F11

Industries: Food & Pharmaceutical industry.

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